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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress

Technical sessions

During these technical sessions, each of the Technical Committees and Task Forces presented their achievements over the current work cycle (2020-2023).

Indeed, throughout a four-year work cycle, PIARC’s Technical Committees and Task Forces conduct a programme of exchanges and studies, resulting in the identification of good practices, the establishment of peer networks, the organization of seminars and the publication of technical reports.

Some papers from the international call were also presented by their authors during those sessions. This international call covered 49 topics which aimed at complementing the work done by PIARC’s Technical Committees and Task Forces.

Strategic Theme 1 - Road Administration

TS1.1 Technical Session 1.1 - Performance of Transport Administrations
TS1.2 Technical Session 1.2 - Road and Transport Planning for Economic and Social Development
TS1.3 Technical Session 1.3 - Finance and procurement
TS1.4 Technical Session 1.4 - Climate Change and Resilience of Road Networks
TS1.5 Technical Session 1.5 - Disaster Management
TSTF1.3 Technical Session TF 1.1 and TF 1.3 - Well-Prepared Projects including LMIC

Strategic Theme 2 - Mobility

TS2.1 Technical Session 2.1 - Mobility in Urban Areas
TS2.2 Technical Session 2.2 - Accessibility and Mobility in Rural Areas
TS2.3 Technical Session 2.3 - Freight
TS2.4 Technical Session 2.4 - Road Network Operation / Intelligent Transportation Systems
TSTF2.1 Technical Session TF2.1 - New Mobility and its Impact on Road infrastructure and Transport
TSTF2.2 Technical Session TF2.2 - Electric Road Systems (ERS)

Strategic Theme 3 - Security and Sustainability

TS3.1 Technical Session 3.1 - Road Safety
TS3.2 Technical Session 3.2 - Winter Service
TS3.3 Technical Session 3.3 - Asset Management
TS3.4 Technical Session 3.4 - Sustainable Road Mobility and global challenges (environment, biodiversity, energy transition, climate change, decarbonation and resilience)
TSTF3.1 Technical Session TF3.1 - Road infrastructure and transport security

Strategic Theme 4 - Resilient Infrastructure

TS4.1 Technical Session 4.1 - Resilient Pavements
TS4.2 Technical Session 4.2 - Bridges
TS4.3 Technical Session 4.3 - Earthworks
TS4.4 Technical Session 4.4 - Road Tunnel Operations and Safety
TSTF4.1 Technical Session TF4.1 - Road Design Standards

Cross-cutting Theme

TSRSC Technical Session - Road Statistics Committee - PIARC Databook of Roads and Road Transport 2020-2023

Technical Sessions Highlights

Technical Sessions