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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress


The workshops were an integral part of the Congress programme. They took place in parallel with the other sessions, but without simultaneous interpretation.
They were more interactive than the sessions and are more practical. 


WS01 Workshop 01 - Decarbonisation and circular economy of road construction and maintenance and their equipments
WS02 Workshop 02 - Zero means a lot: do urban mobility organizations have what it takes?
WS03 Workshop 03 - Digital Infrastructure for Road Network Operations
WS04 Workshop 04 - Mitigation of bridge failure by large overloads
WS05 Workshop 05 - The Transport Agency of the Future
WS06 Workshop 06 - Climate Change Adaptation Framework
WS07 Workshop 07 - Road Asset Management and ISO 55000 series
WS08 Workshop 08 - Building a climate-responsive road sector
WS09 Workshop 09 - Optimised and sustainable concrete pavement concepts for the future
WS10 Workshop 10 - Disaster Management Manual: A Guide to Resilient Transportation Systems
WS11 Workshop 11 - Resilience and Asset Management
WS12 Workshop 12 - Research and innovation for the benefit of greener and more sustainable airfield pavements
WS13 Workshop 13 - Boosting Sustainable Road Safety Solutions in LMICs
WS14 Workshop 14 - Digital transformation in road infrastructure - Part 1
WS14 Workshop 14 - Digital transformation in road infrastructure - Part 2
WS15 Workshop 15 - New inspection and rehabilitation techniques for bridges
WS16 Workshop 16 - HDM-4 – The Past, The Present, and the Future