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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress

Technical Session 2.4 - Road Network Operation / Intelligent Transportation Systems

Friday, October 6 09:30 - 13:00
Chair: Valentina GALASSO, Chair of PIARC TC 2.4 (Italy)
Room: South Hall 3AB, 3rd floor

This session shared the results of the work completed by the Road Network Operations / ITS Technical Committee to investigate how technology advances are influencing road network operations. This included an examination of new forms of mobility and the business models associated with Mobility as a Service (MaaS). The TC also identified opportunities and best practices related to the application of data related technologies and data driven decision-making in order to improve the performance of the road network. Finally, the TC reviewed the RNO / ITS manual to improve knowledge sharing focusing on the need of LMICs.

Soichi SUZUKI (Japan), winner of the PIARC Prize "Sustainable Mobility" supported by Spain, presented his paper at this session.

  1. Welcome and session introduction
  2. Presentations
  3. Questions & Answers
  4. Presentations
  5. Presentations
  6. Q & A and Panel Discussion on Issue 2 and 3
  7. Closing and preview of next cycle

Welcome and session introduction

• Valentina GALASSO, Chair of PIARC TC 2.4 (Italy)


  • Opportunities of new mobility forms for road network operation: the work of WG 2.4.1
    Yan ST-YVES (Canada/Quebec) - Work Group Leader
  • The role of Road Network Operator for MaaS development: a case study from South Africa
    Gai BESTER (South Africa)
    Siveshn PILLAY (South Africa)
  • Approaches to MaaS from UK and Norway
    James ELLIOTT (United Kingdom)
    Arve KIRKEVOLD (Norway)

Questions & Answers

Moderator: Yan ST-YVES (Canada-Québec)


  • The importance of Knowledge and expertise sharing for LMICs: the RNO-ITS Webresource: the work of WG 2.4.3
    Jennie MARTIN (United Kingdom)
    Sylvain BELLOCHE (France) - Work Group leaders



  • Optimizing road network operation decision-making through new technologies and digitalization: the work of WG 2.4.2
    Clarissa HAN (Australia)
    Galen MC GILL (United States) - Work Group leaders

Q & A and Panel Discussion on Issue 2 and 3

Moderator: Clarissa HAN (Australia)

Closing and preview of next cycle

• Valentina GALASSO (Italy) - TC 2.4 Chair