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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress

National reports

Each PIARC member country was invited to prepare a national report for the Congress. The aim is to collect the most recent best practices, in addition to the work carried out by the Technical Committees and Task forces over the period 2020-2023.
To this end, the Coordinators of the strategic themes have each identified a specific theme and organized an international survey of member countries. They have then prepared a synthesis of this information, and they organize the strategic orientation sessions. 

The four themes

  • Theme 1 - Road and road transport in a changed world
  • Theme 2 - Mobility and Equity
  • Theme 3 - New challenges and initiatives for improving safety and sustainability
  • Theme 4 - From cradle to grave – Improved life cycle management of road infrastructure in the course of digital transformation

All national reports classified by country

Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4
Australia Road and Road Transport in A Changed World: The perspective from Australia and New Zealand (295KB) Aotearoa New Zealand – Emissions Reduction Plan Australian National Walking And Cycling Participation Survey (257KB) Australia and New Zealand - Austroads National Report (261KB) Technology solutions aligning heavy vehicle access to appropriate infrastructure in Australia (203KB)
Austria Austria’s Mobility Masterplan 2030 (386KB) Highways and sustainability - a contradiction in terms? (1.3MB)
Canada-Quebec Towards an integrated approach to asset management: optimised investment for a sustainable and safe road network (1.9MB)
Germany Drafting regulations in the German road sector (301KB) Combining tunnel  sensors and C2X technologies to improve tunnel safety in Germany (547KB)
Italy How Italy is moving towards sustainable roads that meet user needs (1.3MB) Italy: Mobility in Urban Areas (1.0MB) Activities carried out by the Italian TCs of ST3 (786KB) Innovative monitoring of earthworks in Italy (470KB)
Japan Road disaster prevention and mitigation efforts in Japan (2.0MB) Carbon neutral strategy of road in Japan (2.1MB) Toward achievement of safe roads to support diverse needs for road utilization in Japan (476KB) Supporting technologies for the inspection of aging infrastructure in Japan (923KB)
Mexico How Mexico is building resilience in the road sector (2.7MB) New challenges and initiatives for improving safety and sustainability (1003KB)
Norway NPRA’s experiences with product orientation (853KB) National Plan of Action for Road Safety 2022-2025 (304KB)
Qatar Preparations for FIFA Qatar 2022 and lessons learned (3.7MB)
Romania Romania: Development and implementation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) in relation with TEN-T road network (1.8MB) Safety of the road system in Romania (3.1MB) Road infrastructure construction and maintenance activities in Romania (448KB)
Slovak Republic Road safety system in the Slovak Republic (335KB) Smart Solutions in Slovakia (1.1MB)
Slovenia Measures to improve motorcyclists' safety - Slovenian approach (1.6MB)
South Korea National strategies for road administration - Focused on the national road network comprehensive plan (553KB) National strategies for mobility service innovation - Focused on the shared mobility using automated vehicles (237KB)
Spain Road and road transport in a changed world: Spain’s National Report (365KB) Spain’s Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility Strategy 2030 (205KB) New successful initiatives to improve road safety in Spain (108KB) Digital transformation of roads in Spain (304KB)
Thailand Development of pavement deterioration models in Thailand (654KB)
United Kingdom Rising to the Challenge: Responding to COVID and Climate Change in the UK (554KB) How the UK is driving forward with safety (473KB) A vision for Digital Roads in the UK (440KB)
United States Effective Data Strategies in Delivering the U.S. Federal Highway Program (535KB) Implementing complete streets in the United States (648KB)
Uruguay Evolution of Maintenance Contracts in Uruguay (695KB)