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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress


The World Road Congress is an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues, compare experiences, and also to learn about a wide range of documents.


PIARC has organized an international call for individual papers, as for each World Road Congress.

Contributions were invited on 49 specific themes, in order to enrich and broaden the work and reflections of PIARC Technical Committees and Task forces. The proposed papers were thoroughly evaluated by the Technical Committees and Task forces.

756 abstracts were submitted, and 532 papers were accepted.

The authors of the accepted papers are all invited to make a presentation at the poster sessions.
In addition, the best ones are invited to make a presentation during one of the technical session.

Other documents

A wide range of documents including:

Most of the documents presented on this website are available in English, French, and Spanish; they are presented according to the chosen navigation language. If you feel that a document is missing, we invite you to try temporarily with another navigation language.

Technical reports on piarc.org

In addition, PIARC produces a large number of technical reports, thanks to the work of international experts gathered in its Technical Committees and International Task Forces. These reports are available free of charge at www.piarc.org.
The most recent reports are available at: www.piarc.org/en/activities/PIARC-Directory-Technical-Reports/PIARC-Technical-Reports-2020-2023.