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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress

Individual papers by topic

Contributions were invited on 49 specific themes, in order to enrich and broaden the work and reflections of PIARC Technical Committees and Task forces. 756 abstracts were submitted, and 532 papers were accepted.

49 Specific Themes

1 Understanding the journey of your customers’ experience
2 Concepts, roadmaps and practical challenges of developing the transport agency of the future
3 How transport administrations manage the transition to a more diverse workforce and the need for new skills and competencies in a changing transport sector
4 Innovation and new approaches for the study of mobility of people and goods
5 Sustainable mobility planning
6 Economic and social effects of investment and operation in the road sector
7 New possible forms of public-private partnership to boost the road infrastructure sector
8 How post-Covid recovery funds are allocated to the development of road infrastructures
9 How sustainability requirements are reflected in road infrastructures procurement
10 Practical studies to increase the resilience of the road network
11 Climate change adaptation actions for road infrastructure
12 Cross-cutting issues of resilience and climate change
13 Societal resilience involving disaster
14 Lessons learned from extreme natural events: how experience improves resilience
15 How information technology can improve socio economic resilience
16 Well-prepared projects as a strategy to face uncertainty and to deliver better transportation solutions
17 Urban mobility for a better urban environment
18 Multimodal transit centers and Mobility hubs – better integration between different mode of transport
19 Evaluating impacts and challenges of new mobility in urban and peri-urban areas
20 Challenges and solutions for rural roads
21 Freight: Monitoring and regulation to reduce overloading and associated road network damage
22 Greening Freight Transport
23 Application of emerging technologies in freight transport and logistics
24 The role of road operators for MaaS development
25 C-ITS across the globe: How cooperative intelligent transport system are shaping the future of road mobility
26 Data as an enabler for road operators and C-ITS: The journey to better decision making and road network management
27 New Mobility and its impact on infrastructure
28 Electric Road Systems, a contribution to free the transport system from the use of fossile fuels
29 Road Safety Management Practices and Processes
30 Knowledge Sharing on Road Safety
31 New technologies in winter service
32 Winter maintenance in urban areas
33 Implications of connected and automated vehicles on winter services
34 Road infrastructure asset management: : Case studies, research results, practical experiences
35 Air pollution and noise measurement, assessment and mitigation measures
36 Including the concept of wildlife corridors at a strategic planning level
37 Road transport sustainability and resilience in the context of climate change and energy transition
38 Digital and physical security for the resilience of infrastructure and transport
39 Reducing the carbon footprint of road pavements
40 Innovative maintenance methods and strategies
41 New or innovative pavement materials
42 Bridge resilience considering natural hazards
43 Advancement of inspection, repair and rehabilitation techniques / technologies
44 Forensic engineering for structural failures
45 Resilience and innovation of Earth Structures to natural hazards
46 Earthworks for the Environment
47 Digitalization of Road Tunnel Design and Management
48 Road Tunnel Operation and Safety Issues related to the Usage of New Energy Carriers in Road Vehicles
49 New trends in road design