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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress

Workshop 03 - Digital Infrastructure for Road Network Operations

Tuesday, October 3 09:30 - 13:00
Chair: Clarissa HAN (Australia), Galen McGILL (United States) and Jennie MARTIN (United Kingdom), TC 2.4 working group leaders
Room: Club H, 1st floor

This workshop session was organised by the PIARC TC2.4 Road Network Operations and ITS – WG2.4.2 (Optimizing road network operation decision-making through new technologies and digitalization). The key objective of WG2.4.2 in this cycle was to identify opportunities and best practices related to the application of data related technologies and data driven decision-making in order to improve the performance of the road network.

In this session, the dynamic impact of data and technology on the operation of road networks, which are undergoing rapid transformation, was explored. The availability of enhanced data access and advanced data analytics has opened up exciting possibilities and applications for road network operators. These advancements not only facilitate the performance monitoring and planning for system improvements but also empower real-time operations. This workshop session showcased ongoing projects and cutting-edge research in this domain from a wide range of countries and regions, while also delving into the potential opportunities for the future.

  1. Welcome and session introduction
  2. Presentations
  3. Questions and Answers
  4. Presentations
  5. Panel discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. Organization

Welcome and session introduction


  • Introduction on Planning and Performance Monitoring topic
    Clarissa HAN (National Transport Research Organisation, Australia) - PIARC WG2.4.2 Co-Leader
  • Development of An Interactive Dashboard For Traffic Analysis
    Laura REY RAMOS (Spain) - Head of Infrastructure Management Department in ICEACSA CONSULTORES, PIARC TC2.4 member
  • Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS)
    Galen MCGILL (United States) - System Operations and ITS Manager in Oregon Department of Transportation, PIARC WG2.4.2 Co-Chair
    Michael PACK (United States) - CATT Laboratory Director and RITIS Program Manage, University of Maryland
  • Probe Vehicle Data as Input Source for Road Maintenance
    B. ZACHRISSON (Sweden) - Invited Speaker
  • Changing the outlook on digitalization: what happen because of COVID-19 Pandemic
    Valentina GALASSO (Italy) - TC 2.4 Chair and member of PIARC COVID-19 Response Team

Questions and Answers

Moderator: Clarissa HAN, Co-Leader of PIARC WG2.4.2



  • Introductory Comments – Real time operations
    Galen MCGILL (United States) - System Operations and ITS Manager in Oregon Department of Transportation, PIARC WG2.4.2 Co-Chair
  • C-ITS Deployment in Europe: Status and Way Forward
    Martin BOEHM (Austria) - Head of Unit in AustriaTech - Federal Agency for technological measures ltd, PIARC TC2.4 Member
  • Real Time Situational Awareness Platform
    Matthew HALL (Australia) - Senior Specialist – Managed Motorways and Network Optimisation Victorian Department of Transport and Planning, PIARC TC 2.4 member

Panel discussion

Moderator :
• Galen McGILL, System Operations and ITS Manager in Oregon Department of Transportation, USA, PIARC WG2.4.2 Co-leader

LMICs - Opportunities with ITS and C-ITS
• Jennie MARTIN (UK), Co-leader group TC2.4

Panel discussion moderated by Jennie MARTIN with panelists:
• Soumia JANNAN (Morocco)
• Mohamed ZMERLI (Tunisia)
• Gail BESTER (South Africa)
• George RUGODHO (South Africa)


Session Chair: Valentina GALASSO (Italy), Chair of TC 2.4


Session Organiser: Valentina GALASSO (Italy), Chair of TC 2.4
Session Secretary: Clarissa HAN, Jennie MARTIN and Gallen McGILL