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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress

Workshop 07 - Road Asset Management and ISO 55000 series

Wednesday, October 4 11:30 - 13:00
Chair: Fernando VARELA SOTO, TC 3.3, Leader WG 3.3.1, Spain
Room: Club A, 1st floor

The Asset Management standard (ISO 55000) and its extensions describe how it should be implemented in an organization without specifying the type of assets to which it can be applied. It is somewhat expensive to find examples of how an agency that oversees managing a road network should proceed to implement such a standard.

This workshop enabled participants to work on a practical example and acquire knowledge in response to their concerns. The objective was to quickly describe the scenario of activities, equipment and resources required to solve the practical case proposed.

  1. Introduction of the session
  2. Division into groups to carry out the activities
  3. Presentations of the groups with Questions and Answers
  4. Conclusion
  5. Final Conclusions
  6. Organization

Introduction of the session

  • Presentation of the workshop and the team of monitors
    Fernando VARELA SOTO (Spain) - TC 3.3, leader WG 3.3.1
  • Description of activities - Context case study
    Antonio MURUAIS (MITMA, Spain) - TC 3.3

Division into groups to carry out the activities

Subgroup 1: Leadership. Communication. Policy and objectives
• Pascal TROTTIER (TC 3.3) France

Subgroup 2: Planning. Objectives and deliveries
• Tim MASSART (TC 3.3) Belgium

Subgroup 3: External Help. Data collection and updating
• Michael TROND ANDERSEN, Norway

Subgroup 4: Control and Performance Evaluation
• Chris KNOWLES (TC 3.3) UK

Subgroup 5: Risk Assessment and Performance
• Fabian SCHVARTZER (TC 3.3) Argentina

Presentations of the groups with Questions and Answers

Moderator: David HEIN (TC 3.3) Canada

• Pascal TROTTIER (TC 3.3) France
• Tim MASSART (TC 3.3) Belgium
• Michael TROND ANDERSEN, Norway
• Chris KNOWLES (TC 3.3) UK
• Fabian SCHVARTZER (TC 3.3) Argentina


 • Fernando VARELA SOTO, (TC 3.3) Leader WG 3.3.1

Final Conclusions


Session Organiser: TC 3.3 Fernando VARELA SOTO
Session Secretary: Antonio MURUAIS (TC 3.3. member Spain)