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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress

Special Project Session 2 - Carbon neutrality of the road sector

Wednesday, October 4 14:30 - 18:00
Chair: Patrick MALLÉJACQ, Secretary General of PIARC
Room: Conference Hall, 4th floor

Road transport is vital for society to function and, for the foreseeable future, is expected to remain the dominant mode of transport for people and goods. However, the construction, operation, maintenance and use of the highway infrastructure are responsible for large quantities of carbon emissions. Knowledge of the non-reversible, damaging consequences of climate change has resulted in global acceptance of the need to reduce carbon emissions in all sectors of human activity, including the highways sector. However, as efficient transport is vital to national economic growth, actions to reduce carbon emissions must not negatively impact the development and maintenance of high-quality road infrastructure, particularly for LMICs.

This session aimed to identify actions being undertaken as well as potential new options to progress towards carbon neutrality.

  1. Welcome and session introduction
  2. Presentations
  3. Questions and answers
  4. Presentations
  5. Questions and answers
  6. Session Wrap up and Conclusions
  7. Final Conclusions

Welcome and session introduction

• Patrick MALLÉJACQ, Secretary General of PIARC


  • Presentation of the PIARC report on carbon neutrality of the road sector
    Martin LAMB (United Kingdom) - ITEN
  • The USA perspective
    Gina AHLSTROM (FHWA, United States) - Secretary of PIARC Committee 4.1 on Pavements
  • Decarbonization efforts of the Japanese government and companies
    Tsutomu YOSHIGI (PASCO Corporation, Japan) - Member of PIARC Communications Commission
  • Austria's climate action framework for the road sector
    Robin KRUTAK (Austria) - Desk Officer, Austrian Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
  • Carbon footprint calculation as a tool towards decarbonization
    Antonio MURUAIS RODRIGUEZ (MITMA, Spain) - Engineer in the Maintenance Road Department

Questions and answers

• Moderator: Patrick MALLÉJACQ, Secretary General of PIARC



  • Carbon Reduction initiatives by Indonesian Road Administrator: Promoting the utilization of Natural Asphalt
    Alfa ADIB ASH SIDDIQI (Senior Engineer, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia)
  • Integrated toolkits for assessing carbon emissions of road infrastructure – The Indian perspective
    Avishreshth (Avi) SINGH (TU Delft, Netherlands)
  • Carbon neutrality of the road sector - The Minnesota perspective
    Nancy DAUBENBERGER (Commissioner of the Minnesota DoT, United States)
  • Knowledge-sharing on decarbonization issues in the national context of EU members
    Fabio PASQUALI (ANAS, Italy) - Incoming Strategic Theme Coordinator

Questions and answers

• Moderator: Patrick MALLÉJACQ, Secretary General of PIARC

Session Wrap up and Conclusions

• Patrick MALLÉJACQ, Secretary General of PIARC

Final Conclusions