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XXVIIth World Road Congress
Proceedings of the Congress

Foresight Session 11 - A Gender Inclusive Transport system

Thursday, October 5 14:30 - 18:00
Chair: Emanuela STOCCHI, Chair of the Promotion of gender inclusion and diversity team, PIARC and Sue PERCY, Vice chair of the Promotion of gender inclusion and diversity team, PIARC
Room: South Hall 3C, 3rd floor

Transport, including roads, is not gender neutral- how we travel, when we travel and what transport mode we use differs between men and women. Road policy and strategy rarely recognizes the needs and priorities of all users. One reason for this is that women are underrepresented in the global transport workforce representing less than 20% of the global transport workforce. 

This session explored the question What is (a) gender inclusive transport (system)? Speakers from different parts of the road and transport system provided examples and challenges regarding gender balance and equity in the transportation workforce as well as how gender considerations are and can be included in planning, design, construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructure. The first part of the session focused on gender balance and equity in transportation administrations and international transport agencies and in a second part speakers discussed the ways in which transport infrastructure is not gender neutral and what it means to incorporate a gender perspective in the planning, design, construction, maintenance of road transport. The session provided a variety of perspectives from around the world.

  1. Welcome and introduction to Topic 1
  2. Presentations
  3. Introduction to Topic 2
  4. Presentations
  5. Panel Discussion with Q&A from audience
  6. Final Conclusions
  7. Organization

Welcome and introduction to Topic 1

• Moderator: Emanuela STOCCHI, Director of International Affairs, Associazione Italiana Società Concessionarie Autostrade e Trafori, Italy - PIARC Promotion of Gender Inclusion and Diversity Team, PIARC Executive Committee, and French speaking Secretary for the Terminology Committee


  • Opening presentation
    Victoria SHEEHAN (United States) - Executive Director, Transportation Research Board
  • Promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment through ADB Transport Sector Projects
    Samantha HUNG (Philippines) - Director Gender Equality, ADB
  • Paving the Way for Women in Rural Areas
    Imen MAKHLOUF (Tunisia) - Senior Civil Engineer, Independent consultant, Tunisia Road Association - TC 2.2 French speaking Secretary 2020-2023 and Chair of TC 2.2 for the new cycle 2024-2027
  • Investing in Gender: Physical Designs for a Gender-Inclusive Transportation System
    Alyssa RYAN (United States) - PhD, Assistant Professor of Civil & Architectural Engineering & Mechanics at the University of Arizona
  • Looking for Gender Aspect in Mobility
    Milota SIDOROVA (Slovak Republic) - Vice-Chair of the Authority for Spatial Planning and Construction


Introduction to Topic 2

• Moderator: Sue PERCY, Chief Executive, Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation, UK, Vice chair of the PIARC Promotion of gender inclusion and diversity team


  • Gender Responsive Urban Transport in India
    Sanjay Kumar NIRMAL (India) - Secretary General, Indian Roads Congress - PIARC Executive Committee member and PIARC Task force on Road Design Standards member
  • Travelling in a Woman’s Shoes
    Rachel CAHILL (Ireland) - Director Chief Executive Office, Transportation Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

Panel Discussion with Q&A from audience

• Moderators: Emanuela STOCCHI and Sue PERCY

• Susanna ZAMMATARO, Director-General, International Road Federation (IRF)

• All speakers from topics 1 and 2

Final Conclusions


Lori PORRECA, USA, PGID (Promotion of Gender Inclusion and Diversity Team)